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Living the dream!

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

A rollercoaster ride of Thinking Spree with a client to develop international growth strategies thus giving him wings to fly!

The Problem

More often than not, we find ourselves dreaming about our ideas to bring a change, realize our goals but seems impossible in reality, right? This inspiring journey of Thinking Spree with a client captures one such rare transition from dreams to reality of a client who owned a Bangalore based technology enterprise. The company was operating in Cloud Services in the area of interior design and had a vision to expand to international markets, thinking how to proceed further with the same through efficient use of digital marketing.

Critical Issues

International expansion Growth strategies Digital marketing

Our Process

The journey began with an intense in-house research and several pre-engagement sessions with the client to get a better understanding of the problem and find just the right strategical idea to work upon. Going one step further, we conducted a brainstorming session between expert panel and the clients to bring in plethora of revolutionary ideas to formulate actionable strategies and move ahead with the expansion.

The panel included-

  • International Sales expert- 5+ years of experience| International SaaS sales professional| Group Sales manager- International markets, DJUBO

  • Customer relationship expert- 7+ years of experience| Co-founder,| Ex- Hitachi Solutions India| Ex- Infosys

  • Marketing Expert- 5+ years of experience| Retail and Corporate marketing consultant| Founder, SS Marketing Group| Ex Upwork

Highlights and Takeaway

The brainstorming session ended on a highly positive note providing the client with several ideas to make efficient use of both offline and online marketing channels to increase potential customer engagement and bring more leads on board. Several challenges faced on expanding to international markets were discussed along with providing a concrete solution to all of them. The ideas alone not only led the client to realize a definite plan to fulfill his objective of expansion but also tap into unexplored avenues to ensure a better functioning and smooth growing curve of the company. The journey thus came to its definite conclusion by providing the client with a definite plan to realize his dream of going global as well as ensuring a huge learning curve for us!

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