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Let’s move the cheese!

The Problem

Who moved my Cheese? More than often, we find ourselves at war with the challenges of searching for new avenues to adapt and develop ourselves. On the same lines, this journey of Thinking Spree encapsulates one such client whose company was involved in the area of social entrepreneurship through maintenance of washrooms. The client was looking for ideas to develop his business to generate more revenues and expanding to a new venture of advertisement.

Critical Issues

Revenue Generation Brand Development Actionable Strategy

Our Process

Thinking Spree quickly launched an in-house strategy discussion and detailed market analysis to get a deeper understanding of the problem in hand. To build upon the strategies, a brainstorming session was conducted between the client and a panel of handpicked experts possessing experience relevant to the case.

The panel included-

  • Brand management Expert: 18+ years of experience in advising startups, founder of Catapoolt

  • Marketing and Sales Expert: 15+ years of experience in marketing, sales and strategic alliances, Head sales and marketing at Eli India

  • Brand advertisement Expert: 3+ years in managing brand and out of house advertisement, Founder and CEO of Gohoardings

Highlights and Takeaway

The discussion led to generation of various innovative ideas to build upon the value

proposition of the company for brand development. In order to bring in a revenue

friendly transformation in the current business model, targeted propositions were put

forward to take new steps. To further venture in the advertising sector, various

concrete ways were suggested to client to ensure generation of upfront revenues, with

the ideas having a combined revenue potential of 3x compared to the previous one. The

client thus moved forward with a definite strategy to work upon the ideas and build a

sustainable growing business model for his company. (Read new cheese!)

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