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Keep the spotlight glowing!

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Thinking Spree's extraordinary journey with the client that led to development of a concrete growth strategies for lead generation!

The Problem

Ever wondered as to how do we build upon ideas and let the world know of our unique potential? By keeping the spotlight glowing! This journey of Thinking Spree with a client beautifully captures one such journey of keeping the spotlight glowing. The client was the owner of a college student-centric online platform working in lifestyle sector and was intently looking for actionable strategies to build upon the current idea and increase the potential customer base.

Critical Issues

Lead generation Business roadmap Product marketing

Our Process

The journey started with an inhouse detailed analysis and research by Thinking Spree experts to get a detailed understanding of the problem. After identifying the problem and areas to be worked upon, we conducted a 1 hour online brainstorming session between the client and the panel to generate out of the box ideas and provide the client with a concrete actionable plan to move ahead. The panel consisted of experts as follows-

The panel included-

  • Sales expert- Associate Vice President Sales, Work Advantage

  • Product management expert- Product manager, Citi Group|University of Rochester- Simon Business School | Shree Ram College of Commerce

  • Marketing expert- Marketing and Sales Manager, Coho

  • Strategy expert- Cluster head and manager at Paytm| Indian School of Business| Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar

  • Consumer- Co-Founder, Young Engine | actively works with the college student community and startups

Highlights and Takeaway

The brainstorming session acted as an eyeopener for the client with the development of various innovative strategies to improve the brand visibility on both online and offline platforms and hence significantly increase the customer base. Several ideas were extensively discussed to build upon the spotlight and scale up the functioning through

development of concrete plans of expansion. The client’s journey with Thinking Spree thus ended on a highly successful note by empowering him to work with a definite plan of action and keep the spotlight glowing!

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