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Growth Strategies For A Decades-Old Business

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

The Problem

The Client is a 35-year old Surat-based manufacturer of brocades and fancy textiles. They needed our help to identify ways and chart a growth road-map to expand the business to domestic and international markets.

Our Approach

Thinking Spree held 2-3 pre- sessions to understand the current position and strategies that the client had already conducted and what they were aiming at.

The Panel

  • Supplier to the client: 5+ years of experience in textiles in the Surat market. Alum of Pearl Academy of Fashion.

  • Industry expert: 18+ years in sales & inventory management. Ex-Google. Founder @ Wishook. IIT Kanpur. Ph.D from MIT.

  • Brand & Marketing expert: 6+ years in Hindustan Unilever. Alum of SRCC and IIM Kozhikode.

  • Finance expert: CFA. 10+ years in portfolio management with AUM of 5 Cr.. Founder @ IndiAb Capital.

  • Case study expert: 4+ years in Banking & Finance. ISB CO’16

Highlights and Takeaway

  • Short Term

Build volumes by leveraging existing markets, understanding end product use cases to identify cross-sell/up-sell opportunities, and being on online B2B marketplaces.

  • Mid Term

Brand building through tie-ups with bigger brands, participation in trade shows & exhibitions, experience centres near export hubs, and high-quality online & physical catalogues.

  • Long Term

Horizontal expansion by venturing into under-supplied domestic markets, testing international markets, and expanding the product line.

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