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Getting Ahead In A Competitive Market

The Problem

The client owned 6 co-working spaces in a metropolitan city with bigger players who had deeper pockets. He wanted ideas on how to improve his brand’s visibility and in turn, market share, on a limited budget.

Our Approach:

Thinking Spree held 2-3 pre-sessions to understand the current competitive presence and strategies that the client had already conducted both online and offline.

The Panel:

We put together a panel of experts with the right mix of industry background and expertise to tackle this problem.

  • Budget Allocation and Pricing Expert: 18+ years of experience, Head Consultant People Combine

  • Community Building Expert: 2+ years as Startup Incubation Manager & Startup Weekend Facilitator

  • Branding & Product expert: 6+ years of experience. Ex-Paytm and ISB

  • Digital Marketing Expert: 5+ years of experience. Ex-Infosys and ISB

  • Strategy & Community Ops expert: 5+ years with Facebook Dublin

Highlights and Takeaway:

  1. A 360-degree analysis of his current marketing strategy and recommendations on which ones to scale and drop.

  2. Several new online & offline marketing ideas to reach the target audience.

  3. Suggestions for directing his marketing budget towards the most productive platforms/channels.

  4. Recommendations for the right tech products to improve digital ad performance at optimal costs.

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