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Uncover customer and business insights to grow your business

Case Study

Our offering

Customer Segmentation 

Narrowing your target audience to reach your audience more effectively

Customer Insights

Gather deep consumer insights about their behavior, habits, lifestyle, decisions and perceptions

Customer Feedback

Test new products or features and gather valuable insights and feedback to build better products

Pricing Research

Insights to understand what price points your customers perceive as expensive, affordable or cheap with respect to your offering

We believe business decisions built on a foundation of insight and intelligence are the strongest. To stay ahead of the curve, Thinking Spree leverages all the latest tools, technologies and modern research methodologies to give you deep insights on your users and business. 

Market Fit

Qualitative and quantitative insights to validate your product, pricing, and positioning in the market and establish an MVP


Understanding how your competitors are marketing and selling their products, and uncovering your comparative advantage.

Business and 
Landscape Study

Understanding your market size and potential, as well as the key players in the ecosystem

Research tools


User groups



Focus groups

Expert Panel

Industries we have covered

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