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Call a Thinking Sprint to achieve your business goals -faster-

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Deep-dive thinking sessions to help you design your business strategies, align cross-functional teams and discover new solutions


what we offer

We host powerful thinking sessions to enable product-led growth and achieve a 10X scale. These sessions involve building an action plan for 15 key areas of business covering 360 degrees of the product's business.

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for businesses

Achieving more than 5X sales target through focused thinking

Reducing burn rates while aiming for desired growth targets

Quicker, scalable strategies to achieve the growth targets

Increasing profit margins while keeping growth in check

for teams

Alignment of team members' goals to overall business goals

Cross-functional involvement of the team in building strategy

Empowering team members to think about business as a whole

Bridging cross-functional gaps and quicker execution

what are the benefits

our sprint in detail

We take you through a journey of making you think of what you already have and identifying gaps in customer needs and business viability, brainstorming new ideas to bridge those gaps, and then strategizing on all of the above.

Module 1: Defining business goals 

Enabling everyone on the team to come together to define the product's overall business goals.

Module 4:
Unique Value Proposition

Capturing your (USP) by identifying that one very important problem your product or brand solves (and is superior to its competitors)

Module 7:
Market Size

What are your TAM, SAM and SOM? How should you plan your next move to capture a larger chunk of your market?

Module 10: Positioning

Learn what your brand communicates to customers. Can you draw insights from your consumers to improve your positioning in the market?

Module 13:

What is your pricing strategy? Does your price cover all your operating costs? How do you leverage pricing to establish a better position in your market?

Module 2: Customer Segmentation

Find your top 70% of customers, narrow the target audience and build a niche customer persona. 

Module 5: Competitive Mapping

Understanding your competitors—how are you similar or different from them in terms of product, market, positioning or pricing?

Module 8: Marketing Journey

How can you take your business to the next level by leveraging the right marketing tools relevant for your customers? 

Module 11:

What are the key costs associated with your business? What are some ways using technology and partnerships you can optimise these costs?

Module 14:
Business Model

What value are you creating for your customers? How can you increase the financial value added to your company?

Module 3: 
Customer Insights

Find your customers' triggers, barriers and other factors which can help you get closer to them.

Module 6:
Product Journey

Reviewing all customer touch points, listening to customer concerns, and coming up with new product features based on customer feedback and user needs.

Module 9:
Sales Journey

How to reduce customer touch points or increase sales conversion rates through improvised communications and leveraging triggers.

Module 12:
Revenue model

What is your revenue model? How will you make money? Is it good enough to provide you with financial sustainability?

Module 15:
Process Journey

Review your key resources, key people, key partners and technology to reduce time and effort and increase performance efficiencies in your system.

What Clients Say

"Thinking Spree is a great melting pot with ideas, thoughts and experiences pouring in from a carefully curated panel of advisors"

- Mohit Agarwal | Founder, Qclub

Want to get clarity on your business? Let's talk!

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