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Re-imagine your business model to make it future proof

Lean, Relentless and Scalable. We at Thinking Spree help businesses understand who their customers are, what their needs are and how to solve them. We help organizations identify, conceptualize and deliver sustainable competitive advantages by building market-leading business models

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We Support

What can we help with

B2C or B2C Startups

We help organizations create or re-create their business model, enabling them to monetize their products and scale faster.

Social Enterprises

We build financially sustainable models that enable social enterprises to expand and scale their impact.

New age educational Institutions

We create futuristic education institutional models that incorporate the necessary gaps in the industry and align with global development.

Other Institutions

We support institutions in the design and implementation of models that help them solve new problems at scale.

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Whom do we help

Our Approach

Our 5-step business design process will enable you to achieve alpha growth by re-designing your business model with higher customer centricity, operational efficiency and financial viability.

Decoding your organisation

We conduct a 360⁰ analysis of your business model by breaking 9 key pillars and identifying your financial and operational strengths.

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Consumer and Business Insights

We identify emerging technologies and trends through research on customer segmentation, new needs, business landscapes, trends and competitive landscape.

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Brainstorming Ideas

We brainstorm with your company stakeholders, external panelists and our team to generate ideas that will increase revenue, value and be cost-effective.

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Strategy Building and Testing 

We prioritize high-impact and low-effort ideas that align with your value system, then testing them on the ground.

Business Model Blueprint

We redesign your business model, incorporate all the new ideas and strategies that ensure financial sustainability and scalability and ground-breaking success.

Our Case Studies

Want to scale your business sustainably? Let's talk!

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